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Alliance Speaks Out Against a Potential Industrial Opt-Out Provision in Mississippi

Last week, the Alliance submitted comments to the Mississippi Public Service Commission strongly recommending against allowing customers to opt out of the state’s energy efficiency programs. Industrial energy efficiency programs provide many benefits, which would not be realized if large customers were allowed to opt out. They: 

  • Provide significant energy savings at a lower cost than programs for most other sectors; 
  • Keep energy prices low for all ratepayers; 
  • Reduce utility costs associated with building new infrastructure to meet higher energy demand; 
  • Improve regional economic development activity through program implementation and increased disposable income earned through bill savings;
  • Can help Mississippi businesses achieve their potential for over $3.5 billion in cumulative electricity bill savings through 2030, according to an Alliance report.

Our comments strongly recommend that the Commission require full participation in a utility efficiency program by all ratepayers. However, if that is not possible, we urge the Commission to consider allowing a self-direct option instead of a full opt-out. Read our comments here.

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