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The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency Welcomes New Member: AB Energy USA, LLC

The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency is excited to welcome a new addition to our group: AB Energy USA, LLC. AB’s parent company has a large global footprint and brings significant expertise in advancing industrial energy efficiency.

AB is a global leader in its segment for distributed power solutions with over 1,150 cogeneration installations world-wide, 1.35 GW of installed capacity, a presence in 20 countries across four continents, and 800 employees. Efficiency and sustainability are central values to AB, as outlined in their mission statement: “AB contributes to building a better future by working toward a sustainable system. Our mission is to ensure that companies’ future consumption is lower, more efficient, competitive, virtuous and has the utmost care for our planet.” AB is unique company in that it runs the entire industrial process of a CHP plant: consulting, designing, production, installation, commissioning and service.

In 2014, AB established a new company branch in Denville, New Jersey: AB Energy USA, LLC. In 2017, AB launched the first annual Cogeneration Day USA. Cogeneration Channel—a CHP-focused Web TV platform pioneered by AB—created the event to explore how CHP can be implemented as a viable option to improve energy efficiency and gain cost savings; as well as, promote collaboration by providing the opportunity to network with other industry experts and influencers. The Alliance was proud to be a part of the inaugural Cogeneration Day—and is thrilled to welcome AB Energy USA, LLC to our Steering Committee.

Download a PDF of this announcement here.

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